Walk-in Cooler
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the installation of custom cooler doors
We have been a trusted name for over 35+ years!!!
Curved Beer Cave Wall
customized curved wall
for beer caves
no job is too difficult for us; we will get it done!
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complex projects
where extraordinary becomes a foundational piece of inspiration one panel at a time
Walk-in Cooler
we optimize
your success
designing completely structured customized cultivation rooms with refrigeration panels
we have over
1000 panels in stock
let us build your desires!
years of experience
creating unique outcomes
certified in refrigeration, electrical, heating & cooling.
satisfied customers
where excellence meets extraordinary
sq.ft warehouse
filled with new & used grocery store, restaurant, bakery & party store fixtures

Providing all kinds of customizable buildouts

From refrigeration customization to constructing commercial/residential cultivation rooms, we design & assemble your aspirations
who we are

Metro Equipment Inc. is a family owned & operated leading distributor for all merchandising, refrigeration and cultivation necessities. We service the Metro Detroit area, Midwest regions and  throughout the U.S. & Canada.  With a wide variety of products and over 35+ years of experience in this industry, ME is proud to be one of the leading merchandising distributors in the state of Michigan.  We have earned a reputation for selling customized products at an affordable rate to all of our clients.

what we do

We design, construct & build any type of walk in coolers, reach in coolers, beer caves, freezers & cultivation room build outs. We sell new and used/reconditioned grocery store, restaurant, bakery and party store equipment directly form our warehouse in Detroit. We also offer all types of hoisting needs for residential, commercial & construction as we partnered up with Metro Hoisting to add to our other INCREDIBLE services.

what we maintain

Our grade A Metro Equipment seal begins with designing a customized solution and ends with bringing that design to life with our client’s specifications in mind. We strongly believe in hiring honest and skilled employees that value integrity that our clients trust. For over 35+ years, we have built a loyal and satisfied customer portfolio that keeps  growing on a daily basis! 

Already have an excellent idea

And want to know how we can customize it to your specifications?


Our company performs a wide range of services

WE buy & sell

new & used equipment

We thrive in selling new & used grocery store, restaurant, bakery, & party store fixtures which helps our clients bring their business to life.

Creating unique design

for your projects

We perform general structural customization and design, concept development, preliminary project design and much more!

most complicated refrigeration works

From building the most complicated coolers to creating customized buildouts, Metro Equipment has got you covered from edge to edge. We tackle the most unique operations examining obstacles as opportunities to widen our future horizons

think outside

the box!

We always like to think outside the box when it comes to creating your custom boxes. We design and build Walk-in Coolers & freezers, Merchandising Glass Doors, Cultivation Rooms, large Produce Cold Storage Warehouse rooms and so much more!

build it


We can provide all panels necessary for your next project. We stock thousands of panels perfect for your next cultivation room or cold room storage.

we can lift you up with

our crane & hoisting services

We own and operate our own cranes great for lifting heavy units, beams, trusses, compressors, large trees and so much more! This innovative machinery does the heavy lifting in assisting our clients with their unique projects.

call for a crane service now!


only until the end of 2021

first time crane customers can

get 10% discount 

What our customers say about us

Our satisfied clients will tell even more about us!

I have never been so satisfied with a project than I have with Metro Equipment! They customized a CURVED WALL beer cave for me with 8 walk-in cooler doors to display my merchandise! These guys don't take any shortcuts to get the job done correctly!

Alfred yung

 Gas Station in Toledo, OH

Metro Equipment was the only company who made my project come to life. They swiftly created a room out of refrigeration panels with electrical for my grow op. The results are phenomenal! My plants have been growing in abundance; its like a jungle in here all because they are housed in a self-contained room made by ME. These guys are awesome!

Casper shaya

Cultivation Room in MI

Oh man! where do I begin? Metro Equipment went beyond my expectations when they customized and installed a 30 door walk in cooler as well as a customized freezer to house all of our raw meat in our super market. Their keen sense of knowledge along with their ability to listen to what I wanted and implement it in the final product exceeded my expectations! These guys know what to do and how to do it perfectly! I recommend them for any project you need updated or totally new. Thanks again for your exponential service and professionalism.

stewart yatooma

Hutchinson Market in Flint, MI

Top quality, easy to work with knowledgeable men who work diligently to make their clients happy! Absolutely love the beer cave they customized & installed for us. Great work.

Jordan Scott
Liquor Store
August 24, 2020

These guys are awesome!! They built an extra massive walk-in produce freezer for me in my warehouse to house all my merchandise! The best decision was hiring Metro Equipment; I hear so much feedback about my produce being so fresh and perfectly plumped all thanks to my wonderful freezer built by the pros!!

John Hannagin
JH Produce
March 3, 2020

My grow op came out looking like a million bucks. These guys know exactly what they are doing. So consistent. I'll be telling everyone in the game to link up with these guys here.

Bill Spears
January 15, 2021

I bought a mixer from here and they painted it for me. It is so beautiful and I get a lot of work done with it. Thank you Metro Equipment.

Abas Shamas
Treats Cheats
January 27, 2021

Metro Equipment is so professional & remarkably known for delivering the best customer service for over 35+ years! My father would always do business with them and now so do I! Loved my reach-in coolers here at the mart!

Piper O’Neill
Mini Mart in Wisconsin
September 21st, 2019

These guys are bursting with professionalism, knowledge, and the ability to dissect the idea I had in my brain for our cultivation room & made it come to life. They even painted the paneling structure. My plants are growing & glowing vibrantly! Thanks guys

Ryan Clifford III
Cultivation Room in MI
October 31, 2019

For Metro Equipment to build me a walk-in cooler & freezer with a customizable curve in the cooler panels is by far the best work I've ever seen! The efficiency along with their precise measurements made this project extraordinary. I will be using this company for all my refrigeration needs large or small!!!

Sebastian Stone
Ace's Liquor
July 18, 2019

I use the Hoisting side of Metro Equipment & Hoisting to tear down trees at my job sites. These guys hold those long heavy branches in place while my team cuts 'em down. Teamwork makes the dreamwork and these guys make it seamless! I call them all the time!

Jerry Remeirez
Arbor Tree Service
July 18, 2019

I am very pleased with the customization Metro Equipment has done for my gas station. They designed, customized & installed a new Beer Cave with 10 merchandising doors to the right and left of the beer cave. I even had them paint the refrigeration panels all black to match the black merchandising doors. They look awesome! Highly recommend partnering up with these guys!

John Stanzawitz
Gas Station in Indiana
January 26, 2021

I own a party store & needed a fresh new modern look for my coolers and freezer in my store. These men took excellent care of me. They knew exactly what I needed, respected my budget & and created a beautiful set up here. All of my merchandise can be displayed wonderfully. My customers have also commented on how much nicer the store looks. Thank you very much!

Janpit Harjiniti
Indi Party Store
March 1, 2020

I've been dealing with Metro Equipment since cultivation rooms became legal. These men create every buildout I have and the rooms always come out fire. They have unique ideas that are customized to each one of my grow ops. Each one is executed perfectly. I couldn't thank you guys enough! Use these guys for EVERYTHING. They are great!

David Gomez
El Fuego
January 3, 2021

I rented their crane with operator for half of the day (about 8 hours) to hold in place beams and trusses for a home I was building & these guys did not disappoint at all! Their exact measurements & how they kept that truss or beam in place for welding and contracting purposes while it was connected to the crane was the best I've been by far! I've been using them for every home I've buiilt ever since.

Stan the Building Man
Contractor in MI
July 17, 2020

I use these guys for lifting the heavy equipment on roofs like units, compressors & whatnot. The nice thing about Metro Equipment & Hoisting is that they are so professional really cool people to build a trustworthy relationship with! Their crane operators can pinpoint the exact degree of where I'd want the equipment to be placed on the roof! I love this company!

Henry Daves
Daves Heating & Cooling
June 5, 2016

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Yes, we always calculate the cost of the project for the client before we start working on it. Our specialists will clear up the amount of work to be done to meet with your requests and the quotation. This total cost estimate won’t require additional investment from you.

No, we service the Metro Detroit area, Midwest regions,  throughout the U.S. &  parts of Canada.

Yes, if you’d like to visit our warehouse, an appointment is required along with a facemask. Please call 313-571-6655 to schedule an appointment today. 

No, the crane is a separate charge, but can be calculated in quote if requested. 

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